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Volume Two Progress and Site Update

Hi! It's me, arguably the worst author in the world at keeping up with their own blog.

Two bits of news for you.

First off, Charlie Volume Two is roughly 20% done the first draft. I know you're like but Carson I need it now. Well you can't have it. That's the bad news. The good news is that when I drop the release date for Volume Two I will also be announcing the release dates for Three and Four and you are very much going to like how close together these dates will be.

I promise you this first arc of the world of Charlie is worth the little bit of wait.

The other news is just an update to the site. In order to make the extended content more accessible especially to readers on Kindle who sometimes can't load it properly, I've added a page where you can just click through the links chapter by chapter. I've even added the first five

as non member preview content so you can finally show that friend who hasn't been listening to you about why they need Charlie in their life how the extended content works, or maybe you're the friend who hasn't yet looked at how it works in which case, what are you even waiting for even?

I am having an absolute blast being back in Charlie's world and I cannot wait for you to see what is in store. A few new characters, y'all are going to love Kaede, I already do, and reveals galore about all those awful hooks I dangled for you in book one.

I can't wait for you all to come back to Normal.

Oh, third news, I am going to get two new pieces of art made for Volume One, because I feel like Ivy and Ryan deserve it, even though they don't play that heavily in the story just yet.

Stay tuned!


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Kieana Lowe
Kieana Lowe
05 de mar.

Soooooo any update?

05 de mar.
Respondendo a

Woah, I did that thing where I forget to use the website again. Thanks for the reminder! Blog update incoming :)

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