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So... hi!


As most of you are well aware I am not the greatest at remembering to keep up on the blog. My anxiety filled brain doesn't love feeling like I'm hounding you with perpetual updates, as a person who disregards 90% of the email I get I like to try to only land in your inbox when I feel like it's a worthy cause. (Much to the dismay of some of my team who would love it if I sent an email a week to anyone who'd read it.)

Anyway, all this to say, if you're here and you're reading this, thank you! I appreciate you taking the time, I love interacting with readers and getting to know your stories and which if any of my work connected with you. Which brings me to...

Updates on my work:

It's going to be a busy year, I'm going to list some things that are currently in development and also give you the release date for Charlie Volume Two!

First off, for anyone who originally found me via my poetry, good news, I expect to have what I'm going to refer to as an updated collection available this April. I say updated collection and not new collection because this one will include everything from my first collection but will be much easier to find and buy. Along with this I'll be doing what I would loosely refer to as an audiobook, which is more like a personal reading because I'm going to do it in one take and leave all the mistakes in, which I feel is the most authentic way to experience it.

Now for what you're really here for CHARLIE NEWS

Five people are currently Beta Reading Volume Two and the feedback so far has been terrific.

Charlie Lavender Volume One is getting an AUDIOBOOK, I don't have a release date as of yet but I am hoping to have it out in time for the 2 year anniversary of book one being launched.

Charlie Volume One is also getting her first HARDCOVER, trying to time this for release with the audiobook, so stay tuned.

Volume Two will be releasing Tuesday, November 12th in both Paperback and Hardcover Formats. There will be plenty of new character art going up on the website and a new slate of extended content for those readers who like to deep dive, find the alternate chapters, extra art and any little easter eggs. I don't want to spoil anything but I watched Godzilla Minus One immediately before writing one of the alternate chapters so if the idea of Ichigo and Josh piloting a Mech against a Kaiju appeals to you, well then you're in luck.

If I am able to miraculously pull off the audiobook of Volume Two this year I will but if not I plan to have it out within six months of release, doing my best to balance writing at a pace to keep you all well fed while managing the side projects and teaching myself how to promote as I go is always just... a lot. But hey, so am I.

Lastly, and I will ask this of you every time I post until my fingers fall off from typing it, if you haven't yet done so and are open to it I would absolutely, entirely and sincerely appreciate it if you could take the time to review Charlie on Goodreads and Amazon. If you're not big on wordy reviews, even just a rating with no comment goes a long way toward helping us get Charlie into new hands and minds. I appreciate it so much whenever someone lets me know they have done so, it sincerely not only makes my day but also helps me further my reach.

Okay, that feels like a nice solid ramble with a few key points, I promise to try not to wait another year to update.

Oh, and if you made it this far, as a thank you, here's a little preview of the new character art. I present to you, Ivy Adams.

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Kieana Lowe
Kieana Lowe

Awesome! Can't wait to get my hands on some Hardcovers and the new book!

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