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Charlie Release and Site Update

We're just past the three month mark since the release of Charlie book one and I have been wildly slacking off at keeping up with everything. Originally I intended to update the blog weekly and update the character art on the main page once a month while also adding new items to the store from week to week.

Instead what I did was go into an absolutely classic post creative release slump where I needed a little time offline to myself, I figured this would run a week or so, but I blinked and here we are three months into release. (Things like this are why I really need to invest in a proper marketing team.)

A quick review for Charlie, she released at #4 in Magical Realism on Amazon, we hit our sales target for the entire first month of release in 24 hours, reviews have been as strong as a debut author could ever dream of. (PS. If you've finished book one and loved it, dropping a review on Goodreads and Amazon would mean the world to me, word of mouth is the biggest tool in this author's arsenal.)

Sales and feedback have been slightly above what I'd hoped for for my debut and to this all I can say is thank you. Creating in a void is liberating in some ways, but having feedback from readers is what makes it easier to write the next three books.

I've decided to remove the forum from the website and in it's place have added comment sections below each Web Chapter, forums are a little dated in the age of social media, but if even one person comments live after they've had their mind blown by one of the alternate chapters, that will in all likelihood make my week.

I'll also be discontinuing the store in the new year, while I absolutely love seeing people sport Charlie's hoodie, I do not currently have the creative energy to dedicate to new designs and managing this.

Finally, I'd meant to add one new piece of character art to the website each month with a bio, but again, three months have gone by and I've been negligent while mostly hiding out, reading, binging, gaming, and napping... so I've opted to just dump all the character art on at once. So all of the art that @kalisdice has thus far created is now available in full colour on the website.

Work is underway on book two, as well as a spin-off about Ivy which will be free to read online sometime in the months ahead.

I think that about covers it. Thank you for being part of Charlie with me!

With all of my gratitude,


Dec 25, 2022

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