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Protection Spell Jar Guide 

Think of a spell jar like a focal point, a physical representation for you to concentrate on as you work to make the change you want to see. Whether this is your first spell, you're a seasoned witch, or if you don't believe in magic, but want to play along, we've included everything you'll need to create your own protection spell jar.

If you're happy with what you've created, and wish to share it  on social media Carson would love it if you tagged him so he could see it, along with using the hashtag #charlielavender so that others can see some of the magic.


One of the most beautiful things about pagan magic is that it doesn’t require you to be exclusive. So regardless of your faith or how you identify, you are welcome to participate. If however you identify among a faith that forbids magic, you are welcome to view it as simply as a decoration, or safely dispose of it if you prefer. We respect your choice. 


There is no current scientific basis for spells, just as there is no scientific basis for prayer, however both reflect on the law of attraction. Put another way, as with many things in life, you can only get out of it what you put in. 


Before you begin casting your spell, light your sage incense and let it cleanse the area around you. You can let some of the smoke drift into the glass vial if you like. Now is a good time to release any negative energy, and reflect on what it is you want to feel (i.e. peace, grounded, safe). 


Your components have been divided into marked envelopes, we’d recommend cutting a small corner off of the witch’s salt to allow it to pour directly into your jar. 


(Caution: STAINING HAZARD. Please be careful not to get the salt on your clothes or material as it has the potential to leave black stains. It is harmless to contact with your skin unless you have an allergy to salt, carbon, or coconut.)  


As you begin to place your spell components into the jar. As you do, continue to focus on manifesting your intention. For some it may help to visualize a protective barrier, some focus on heavy stone walls, suits of armor, or an imperceptible shield. 


Remember, aesthetics are not important here, however placing the black salt on the bottom layer of your jar is an ideal way to begin creating your protective barrier.


If you like, you can write your intention down on a small strip of paper and include it in the jar, before closing it with the cork stopper. 


Now it’s time to light your candle. (These absolutely stunning hand rolled beeswax candles can be found here for purchase.) Find a fireproof surface that you don’t mind getting a little wax on, and be careful not to burn yourself. Avoid the flame itself but also be aware that black wax burns very hot. Light your candle, and state your intention out loud, and in your mind’s eye, visualize what life will be like for you when your spell comes true. 


Once the candle has burned down an inch or so, carefully tip it on an angle that allows you to pour the wax over the jar, sealing the cork to the glass, and your spell inside. 


To finish your spell, choose where you’d like to store your jar, somewhere that when you see it, it will remind you of the intentions you had when you cast it. For a little extra magic, you can recharge your spell as often as you like, on your windowsill under a full moon. 



All of the contained components are natural, organic and ethically sourced, please ensure you do not have any allergies to the listed components before you proceed any further.


  • Black salt, kosher salt mixed with activated carbon sourced from coconut shell (creates a barrier that absorbs negative energies)

  • Gemstone chips: black tourmaline, red jasper, green aventurine (purification, protection stabilization, grounding, growth, confidence, new beginnings)

  • Heather flowers (attract positive energy, peacefulness)

  • Birch bark strips (warding, protection, renewal)

  • Dried poppy petals (protects against the evil eye)

  • Dried Juniper berries (reflect harmful elements and promote self manifestation)

  • Sage incense stick (one of the oldest known methods of cleansing a space) 

  • Beeswax candle, black (protection, warding negative energy)


We're required to tell you this is for entertainment purposes only. Funny how they don't make the same demand of prayer.


As with any form of spirituality, we believe you get out what you put in. 

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